Thank you for your interest in V & C Foods.

We have been supplying the Bay Area with a complete line of farm fresh dairy products since 1945. Throughout our over 70 years in business, we have always focused on providing our customers with the absolute freshest ingredients obtainable in our marketplace. Our company slogan, “Always Fresh”, is our standing pledge to each of our clients. All of the products we distribute are sourced from the finest producers, manufacturers, and importers in our industry. We store and transport each of our products using the highest industry standards, assuring you that each ingredient purchased will provide the best quality to you and your establishment. Our company is family-owned and operated, and our staff offers extensive experience in the foodservice industry. We take great pride in our company and the customer service we provide. As you review our product line do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions. Based on our strong network of industry relationships, we can typically source that hard-to-find specialty product for you. The following general information is provided to explain our basic service guidelines.

Conventional Fluid Dairy
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
102Homo Dispenser 5 Gallon Bare BagClover Sonoma
103Homo GallonClover Sonoma
105Homo 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
106PHomo QuartClover Sonoma
107PHomo PintClover Sonoma
108Homo 1/3 QuartProducers
109PHomo 1/2 PintClover Sonoma
112Lowfat 2% Dispenser 5 Gallon Bare BagClover Sonoma
113Lowfat 2% GallonClover Sonoma
115Lowfat 2% 1/2 Gallon Bare BagClover Sonoma
116PLowfat 2% QuartClover Sonoma
117PLowfat 2% PintClover Sonoma
118Lowfat 2% 1/3 QuartClover Sonoma
119PLowfat 2% 1/2 PintClover Sonoma
123PLowfat 1% GallonClover Sonoma
125PLowfat 1% 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
129Lowfat 1% 1/2 PintClover Sonoma
132Fat Free Dispenser 5 Gallon Bare BagClover Sonoma
133Fat Free GallonClover Sonoma
135Fat Free 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
136PFat Free QuartClover Sonoma
137PFat Free PintClover Sonoma
138PFat Free 1/3 QuartClover Sonoma
139PFat Free 1/2 PintClover Sonoma
141Chocolate Dispenser 5 Gallon Bare BagClover Sonoma
145PCafé Mocha Chocolate 1/2 GallonCafé Mocha Blend
146PCafé Mocha White Chocolate 1/2 GallonCafé Mocha Blend
147PChocolate PintClover Sonoma
148Chocolate 1/3 QuartClover Sonoma
149PChocolate 1/2 PintClover Sonoma
151Half & Half 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
150Half & Half QuartClover Sonoma
152PHalf & Half PintClover Sonoma
Cultured Dairy & Creams
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
155Half & Half PC CreamersProducers
160Heavy Whipping Cream 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
166Whipping Cream PintClover Sonoma
168Pressurized Whipped Cream 14 OZ CanClover Sonoma
172Sour Cream 32# PailProducers
174Sour Cream 5# TubProducers
184Buttermilk 1/2 GallonProducers
185Buttermilk 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
186Bulgarian Buttermilk QuartProducers
187Cottage Cheese 5# TubClover Sonoma
189Lowfat Cottage Cheese 5# TubClover Sonoma
199SEgg Nog 1/2 Gallon (Seasonal)Clover Sonoma
234Yogurt Plain Lowfat 24 OZClover Sonoma
235Yogurt Vanilla Lowfat QuartProducers
239Yogurt Peach Lowfat QuartProducers
248Yogurt Strawberry Lowfat QuartProducers
249Yogurt Raspberry Lowfat QuartProducers
270PSheep Milk Plain Yogurt 9/6 OZBellwether Farms
271PSheep Milk Vanilla Yogurt 9/6 OZBellwether Farms
272PSheep Milk Blackberry Yogurt 9/6 OZBellwether Farms
273PSheep Milk Blueberry Yogurt 9/6 OZBellwether Farms
274PSheep Milk Strawberry Yogurt 9/6 OZBellwether Farms
275PSheep Milk Plain Yogurt 4/32 OZBellwether Farms
Organic Fluid Dairy
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
203OWhole Milk Cream Top Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
205OWhole Milk 1/2 Gallon Barista (Organic)Straus Creamery
213OPReduced Fat 2% Gallon Cream Top (Organic)Straus Creamery
215OReduced Fat 2% 1/2 Gallon Barista (Organic)Straus Creamery
223OPNonfat Milk Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
225ONonfat Milk 1/2 Gallon barista (Organic)Straus Creamery
228OHalf & Half 1/2 Gallon Barista (Organic)Straus Creamery
229OWhipping Cream 1/2 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
201OFrozen Ice Cream Base 4/1 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
2011OFresh Ice Cream Base 4/1 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
320OVanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 4/1 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
321OChocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 4/1 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
236OYogurt Whole Plain Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
2361OYogurt Whole Plain 25# Tub (Organic)Straus Creamery
238OPYogurt Whole Maple Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
240OPYogurt Nonfat Plain Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
241OYogurt Whole Vanilla Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
244OPYogurt Nonfat Vanilla Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
2411OYogurt Nonfat Vanilla 25# Tub (Organic)Straus Creamery
2442OGreek Whole Yogurt Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
2444OPGreek Nonfat Yogurt Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
2445PGreek Whole Yogurt 25# Tub (Organic)Straus Creamery
245OPSour Cream Pint (Organic)Straus Creamery
247OSEgg Nog Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
322OVanilla Bean Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
328ODutch Chocolate Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
323OMint Chip Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
324OCoffee Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
327OCaramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
329OBrown Sugar Banana Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
1103OPWhole Milk Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1105OWhole Milk 1/2 Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1109OPWhole Milk 1/2 Pint (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1113OPReduced Fat 2% Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1115OReduced Fat 2% 1/2 Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1123OPReduced Fat 1% Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1125OPReduced Fat 1% 1/2 Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1133ONonfat Milk Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1135ONonfat Milk 1/2 Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1150OHalf & Half Quart (Organic)Clover Sonoma
1159OPWhipping Cream 5 Gallon (Organic)Clover Sonoma
162OWhipping Cream Pint (Organic)Clover Sonoma
Non-GMO Fluid Dairy
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
1055PWhole Milk 1/2 Gallon Non-GMOClover Sonoma
1155PLowfat 2% 1/2 Gallon Non-GMOClover Sonoma
1355PNonfat 1/2 Gallon Non-GMOClover Sonoma
Fresh Ranch Eggs
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
1201Jumbo A Grade Loose Pack 10 DozenV & C Brand
1203Ex-Large AA Grade Loose Pack 15 DozenV & C Brand
1205Large AA Grade Loose Pack 15 DozenV & C Brand
1221Jumbo A Grade Carton 12 DozenCountry Fresh
1223Ex-Large AA Grade Carton 15 DozenCountry Fresh
1225Large AA Grade Carton 15 DozenCountry Fresh
1228OLarge A Grade Carton 15 Dozen Brown Shell (Organic)V & C Brand
1129OLarge A Grade Loose Pack 15 Dozen Brown Shell (Organic)V & C Brand
1233Large A Grade Free Nested Cage Free Carton 15 DozenV & C Brand
1231Large A Grade Free Nested Cage Free Loose Pack 15 DozenV & C Brand
Liquid & Frozen Egg Products
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
1252Liquid Egg Whites 2/20# BagV & C Brand
1254Liquid Egg Yolk 30# PailV & C Brand
1255Liquid Egg Yolk QuartV & C Brand
1259PHard Cooked Eggs 4/36 Count BagsWillamette
1260Liquid Pasteurized Whole Egg 2/20# BagV & C Brand
1261PCage Free Liquid Whole Egg 2/20# BagV & C Brand
1262Liquid Whole Egg W/Citric 2/20# BagV & C Brand
1263PCage Free Liquid Whole Egg W/Critic 2/20# BagV & C Brand
1269PCage Free Frozen Whole Egg 30# PailV & C Brand
1270Frozen Whole Egg Solids 30# PailV & C Brand
1271OPFrozen Whole Eggs Solids 30# Pail (Organic)Willamette
1272Frozen “Quick Whip” Egg Whites 30# PailV & C Brand
1274PCage Free Frozen Egg White 30# PailV & C Brand
1276Frozen Sugared Egg Yolk 30# PailV & C Brand
1278PCage Free Sugared Egg Yolk 30# PailV & C Brand
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
1400Butter Lightly Salted Prints 80% 36/1#V & C Brand
1405Butter Unsalted Prints 80% 36/1#V & C Brand
1410Butter Lightly Salted 80% 25 Kilo/55.115 lb. CubeLarsen’s Creamery
1415Butter Unsalted 80% 25 Kilo/55.115 lb. CubeLarsen’s Creamery
1417Normandy Butter Sheets 84% 10/2 KiloIsigny St. Mere
1426European Style Butter Unsalted 82% 36/1#Cremerie Classique
1428European Style Butter Unsalted 82% 36/1#Plugra
1440OUnsalted Butter 82-84% 30# Cube (Organic)Sierra Nevada
1441OSalted Butter 82-84% 15/1# Tubes (Organic)Sierra Nevada
1442OUnsalted Butter 82-84% 15/1# Tubes (Organic)Sierra Nevada
1445OUnsalted Butter 80% 36/1# (Organic)V & C Brand
1446OUnsalted Butter 85% 15/1# 1/4’s (Organic)Straus Creamery
1447OSalted Butter 85% 15/1# 1/4’s (Organic)Straus Creamery
1455OUnsalted Butter 85% 40# Cube (Organic)Straus Creamery
1460Butter Pats 6 X 5# Box 90 CutDarifresh
1470Butter Reddies 15# Box 90 CutLarsen’s Creamery
1480Butter Whipt Lightly Salted 5# TubLarsen’s Creamery

Butter Whipt Unsalted 5# TubLarsen’s Creamery
1490PButter Continental Lighly Salted 17# 47 CutLarsen’s Creamery
1495PButter Continental Unsalted 17# 47 CutLarsen’s Creamery
1497Butter Continental Lighly Salted 13# 61 CutLarsen’s Creamery
1498Butter Cups 90 Cut 8#Larsen’s Creamery
1499Butter Balls 6 x 3# Box 64 CutTurner & Peese
Margarine & Pastry Topping
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
1600Margarine Table Grade Prints 30/1#Ventura
1607Margarine Table Grade 30/1# (Trans Fat Free)Ventura
16201 + 2 Butter/Margarine Blend 30/1#Ventura
364Flavor Rite Premium 4/8#Flavor Rite
Non-Dairy Beverages
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
2001Barista Series Soy Blender Plain 12/32 OZ (Organic)Pacific Foods
2002Barista Series Soy Blender Vanilla 12/32 OZ (Organic)Pacific Foods
2006Rice Milk Lowfat Plain 12/32 OZPacific Foods
2008PRice Milk Lowfat Vanilla 12/32 OZPacific Foods
2009OSoy Original Unsweetened 12/32 OZ (Organic)Pacific Foods
2012Almond Milk Original 6/48 OZCalifia Farms
2013Almond Milk Unsweetened 6/48 OZCalifia Farms
2014Almond Milk Blend 6/32 OZCalifia Farms
2020Oat Drink Barista Edition 12/32 OZOatly
Assorted Juices
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
392OOrange Juice Fresh Squeezed Gallon (Organic)Voila!
400Orange Juice Fresh Squeezed GallonOdwalla
403Fresh Lemon Juice GallonVoila!
406Fresh Lime Juice GallonVoila!
409PFresh Apple Juice GallonVoila!
414PFresh Pomegranate 1/2 GallonVoila!
419Fresh Grapefruit Juice GallonVoila!
422Just OJ 15.2 OZNaked
424Mighty Mango 15.2 OZNaked
436Green Machine 15.2 OZNaked
438Red Machine 15.2 OZNaked
440Blue Machine 15.2 OZNaked
442Power C 15.2 OZNaked
444Strawberry Banana C 15.2 OZNaked
446OPure Organic Coconut Water 12/16 OZ (Organic)Naked
448OPure Organic Coconut Water 12/33 OZ (Organic)Naked
Cream Cheeses & Cultured Creams
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
800Cream Cheese 3# LoafPauly
801Cream Cheese 30# CubePauly
8001OCream Cheese Soft 4/2# Tubs (Organic)Sierra Nevada
802Cream Cheese Natural 2.5# TubeGina Marie
803PFarmhouse Natural Cream Cheese 24# TubSierra Nevada
804Cream Cheese PC 100/1 OZRaskas
8041PDevonshire Clotted Cream 6/1# JarsCombe Castle
805PDevonshire Clotted Cream 12/6 OZCombe Castle
807PKefir Cheese 32# TubAlta Dena
811Cream Cheese Whipped 5# TubPauly
812Crème Fraiche QuartKendall Farms
813PCream Cheese Lite 3# LoafSmithfields
814PCream Cheese Lite 30# CubeSmithfields
American Style Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
5600OMonterey Jack 2/5# Loaves (Organic)Cal Premium
5602OPepper Jack 2/5# Loaves (Organic)Cal Premium
5606OMedium White Cheddar 2/5# Loaves (Organic)Cal Premium
5608OSharp White Cheddar 2/5# Loaves (Organic)Cal Premium
815American Processed Precut 5# 96 Count LoafSchrieber
816American Processed Precut 5# 120 Count LoafSchrieber
817PAmerican Processed Precut 5# 160 Cut LoafSchrieber
819Swiss Processed Precut 5# 96 Count LoafSchrieber
820Swiss Processed Precut 5# 120 Count LoafSchrieber
823PGarlic Jack 5# LoafSonoma Creamery
824Monterey Jack 5# LoafCal Premium
825Monterey Jack 10# LoafCal Premium
826PMonterey Jack 40# CubeCal Premium
827Pepper Jack 5# LoafCal Premium
828Pepper Jack 10# LoafCal Premium
829Vermont Sharp White Cheddar 10# LoafCabot
831Mild Cheddar 5# LoafCal Premium
832Mild Cheddar 10# LoafCal Premium
833PMild Cheddar 40# CubeCal Premium
834Sharp Cheddar 10# LoafCheswick
8351PColby Cheddar 13# LoafRumiano
836Medium Cheddar 5# LoafTillamook
837Sharp Cheddar 5# LoafTillamook
838Muenster 6# LoafMilwalkee
839New York Sharp White Cheddar 10# LoafMcCadam
840Smoked Cheddar 5# LoafRumiano
843PRaw Goat Cheddar 5# LoafRumiano
846Shredded 50/50 Jack/Cheddar Blend 5# BagCheswick
847Shredded W/M Mozzarella 5# BagCheswick
848Shredded Mild Cheddar 5# BagCheswick
849Shredded Monterey Jack 5# BagCheswick
852Mild Cheddar Slices 10/1# CaseCal Premium
853Swiss Natural Slices 10/1# CaseCal Premium
8532Pepper Jack Slices 10/1# CaseCal Premium
865Crumbled Blue 5# BagNavoo
882Dry Monterey Jack 9# WheelRumiano
932Domestic Feta 9# TubAthenos
933PCrumbled Feta 5# BagAthenos
991Domestic Feta 4# TubAthenos
Artisan & Farmstead Cheeses
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
530PEstero Gold 9# WheelValley Ford
532PHighway One 9# WheelValley Ford
539Bay Blue 6# WheelPoint Reyes
540Blue Crumbles 5# BagPoint Reyes
543Blue 6# WheelPoint Reyes
544Toma 9# WheelPoint Reyes
545PBlue 5# WheelShaft’s
551POregon Cave Man Blue 5# WheelRouge Creamery
552POregon Smoked Blue 5# WheelRogue Creamery
562Whole Milk Ricotta 3.5# TubBellwether
5628PChevre 4# TubSierra Nevada
563San Andreas 3.5# WheelBellwether
564PPepato 3.5# WheelBellwether
565Fromage Blanc 30 OZ TubBellwether
566Carmody 3.5# WheelBellwether
567PCrescenza 3# SquareBellwether
569PSheep Milk Ricotta 3.5# TubBellwether
571PHumbolt Fog Grande 5# WheelBellwether
572Humbolt Fog Small 4/14 OZ RoundsCypress Grove
573Chevre Fromage Blanc 4# TubCypress Grove
574Bermuda Triangle 3/1# LoafCypress Grove
575PMidnight Moon 10# WheelCypress Grove
576PTruffle Tremor 3.5# WheelCypress Grove
577PLamb Chopper (Sheep Milk) 10# WheelCypress Grove
578Goat Log 8/11 OZCypress Grove
579PCrumbled Goat Cheese 2/2# BagsMount Chevre
584PSaint George 12# WheelMatos Creamery
590Chef’s Chevre 4# TubLaura Chenel
592Goat Log 12/8 OZLaura Chenel
594Cabecou in Oil 3.7# JarLaura Chenel
596PTome’ 3# WheelLaura Chenel
598PCrottin 12/3 OZLaura Chenel
603Mezzo Secco 8# WheelVella
604Dry Jack 9# WheelVella
605PSan Joaquin Gold Cheddar 13# 1/2 WheelFiscalini
606Bandaged Cheddar 13#Fiscalini
Italian & Italian Style Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
842Smoked Mozzarella 6# LoafRumiano
844Mozzarella Whole Milk 6# LoafNorth Beach
845PMozzarella Part Skim 6# LoafNorth Beach
851Provolone Slices 10/2# CaseCheswick
8551Mozzarella Curd 2/10# FlatDi Stefano
856Ricotta Whole Milk 5# TubDi Stefano
861Teleme (Rice Flour) 7# LoafPeluso
862Kasseri 10# 1/2 WheelBel Gioioso
868Medium Provolone 13# RollBel Gioioso
869PProvolone 13# RollNorth Beach
883PBurrata 6/8 OZ PouchesDi Stefano
8831Burrata 12/4 OZ PouchesDi Stefano
887PMontasio 13# WheelDefendi
888Mascarpone 5# TubBel Gioioso
892Fresh Mozzarella 4 OZ 3# TubDi Stefano
894Fresh Mozzarella 1/3 OZ 3# TubDi Stefano
895Italico 10# LoafBel Gioioso
885Ricotta Salata 7# WheelZerto
890Mascarpone 500 Gram (Imported)Mauri / Gelmini
891Mascarpone 1# TubBel Gioioso
897Pizzarella 4/4.5 18# CaseDi Stefano
900Pecorino Romano 13# 1/8 WheelArgitoni
901Tallegio 5# SquareMauri
902PPecorino Toscano (Aged) 10# WheelMannoni
923Italian Fontal 7# 1/4 WheelBel Gioioso
928PGorgonzola Mountain Picante 13# WheelMauri
941PGorgonzola Creamy 4.5 # 1/4 WheelBel Gioioso
940Gorgonzola Crumbly 7# WheelBel Gioioso
Parmesans & Table Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
850Shredded Parmesan 5# BagV & C Brand
870Grated Parmesan/Romano Blend 5# BagV & C Brand
874Domestic Parmesan 6# 1/4 WheelBel Gioioso
875Imported Parmesan Dolce 13# WheelCello
8691Pure Grated Parmesan 5# BagCello
886Asiago 12# 1/2 WheelBel Gioioso
889Shredded Asiago 5# BagBel Gioioso
893Shredded 4 Cheese Blend 5# BagBel Gioioso
896PShaved Asiago 5# BagBel Gioioso
903Reggiano Parmesan 9# 1/8 Cut WheelGrassi
904Grana Padano Parmesan 9# 1/8 Cut WheelZanneti
Spanish & Basque Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
688Petit Basque 1.5# WheelEtorki
690PBlue D’Basque 7# WheelOnitec
691PCabrales Blue 6# WheelAsturias
692Iberico (Mixed Milk) 7# WheelMerco
693Cabra al Vino Wheel 6# WheelDon Wine
695Manchego Plata 6# WheelDon Bernardo
696PMahon 5# WheelMerco
697POssau-Iraty 9# WheelIstara
698PCabra (Goat) 6# WheelMerco
699Idiazabal 7# WheelMerco
Danish & Scandinavian Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
841Imported Natural Swiss 5# LoafFrantal
880PSwiss Gruyere 18# 1/4 WheelEmmi
905Aged Gouda (Goats Milk) 15# WheelMill Dance
910Smoked Gouda 6# RollMill Dance
911Red Wax Gouda 9# WheelMill Dance
912PSwiss Jarlsburg 12# LoafJarlsburg
917PAged Gouda (Yellow Wax) 8# WheelMill Dance
918Danish Blue 6# WheelKaravel
924Danish Fontina 13# WheelSt. Clemens
930Bulgarian Feta 7 Kilo TubAtalanta
935Austrian Gruyere 6# LoafAlps
943PCave Aged Gruyere 17.5# 1/4 WheelEmmi
960Dill Havarti 8# LoafSt. Clemens
965Creamy Havarti 8# LoafSt. Clements
969Edam Loaf 6#St. Clemens
French & French Styled Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
907Cambezola 5# WheelCambezola
913PBoursin W/Herb 12/5 OZBoursin
920Roquefort 3# 1/2 WheelPapillon
929French Feta (Sheeps Milk) 17# TubValbreso
936Explorateur 3.75# WheelExplorateur
937PPave D’Affinois 8/6 OZAffinois
939Fromage D’Affinois 2 Kilo RoundAffinous
945Compte 12# 1/8 WheelLivaradois
947PBrillat Savarin 3/17.5 OZDelim
949PPont L’Eveque 2/3#Grain Dorg
950PPont L’Eveque 6/8 OZGrain Dorg
955Port Salut 5# WheelAbbey
966Saint Andre 5# WheelSt. Andre
967Raclette (Raw Milk) 12# WheelLivaradois
984PBlue D’Avergne 6# WheelBlue D’Avergne
986PPierre Robert 4/1# WheelRouzarie
987Morbier 8# WheelLivaradois
990Brie 60% Kilo WheelEiffel Tower
994PEpoisse – Berthhaut 6/7 OZBerthaut
998Brie Mini 12/4.5 CupsRosenberg
999Camembert 12/8 OZVal de Soane
English Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
640PIrish Cashel Blue 2/3# WheelsJ & L Grubb
643PIrish Aged Cheddar 10#Tipperary
645PCheshire Cheddar 9# WheelFord Farm
649PSage Derby 5# WheelFord Farm
651PShropshire Blue 9# 1/2 WheelFord Farm
653Stilton Blue 9# 1/2 WheelRoyal Blue
658PHuntsman 5# 1/2 WheelFord Farm
677PCotswald 5# WheelFord Farm
Mexican Cheese Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
660Queso Fresco 10# WheelCacique
662Queso Oaxaca 6# Braided WheelCacique
666Queso Cotija 7# WheelCacique
Specialty Sausage Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
715PPork Breakfast Links 5# Box 1 OZJohnsonville
716Pork W/Maple Syrup & Bacon 3# Bag 2 OZAidells
717Fresh Chicken & Mango 3# Bag 2 OZAidells
720Fresh Chicken & Apple 3# Bag 2 OZAidells
723PChicken W/Sundried Tomato 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
726PSmoked Chicken & Mango 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
730Andouille Sausage 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
731PChicken W/ Habanero & Green Pepper 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
733PChicken W/ Artichoke & Garlic 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
734PChicken Andouille 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
740Mexican Beef Chorizo 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
743Whiskey & Fennel Sausage 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
744PItalian-Style Sausage W/Mozzarella 3# 4 OZAidells
745PTasso Seasoned Pork Butt 1.5#Aidells
746Lamb & Fennel Sausage 3.5#Fabrique Delices
747Lamb Merguez Sausage 4/3#Fabrique Delices
762Smoked Chicken & Apple 3# Bag 2 OZAidells
764Smoked Chicken & Apple 3# Bag 4 OZAidells
783Jumbo All Beef Hot Dogs 10# Box 4 OZEvergood
784Louisiana Hot Links 10# Box 4 OZEvergood
Italian & Italian Style Cured Meats
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
713Serrano Ham (Boneless) 13#Zerto
770Dry Salami 3# ChubColumbus
771Sopressata 2/2.5#Columbus
775Mild Italian Sausage 5# BoxNY Deli
776Hot Italian Sausage 5# BoxNY Deli
777PMild Italian Sausage 5# BulkNY Deli
778PHot Italian Sausage 5# BulkNY Deli
779Mortadella 5#Columbus
782PProsuitto D’Parma (Boneless) 13#Zerto
787Pancetta 6# RollColumbus
790Mild Coppa 3#Columbus
791Hot Coppa 3#Columbus
Hams, Bacon, & Deli Varieties
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
701Smoked Flat Ham 95% Fat FreeFarmland
702Picnic Ham 11# Loaf 4.5 X 4.5Celebrity
706Honey Cured Ham 9#Sunny Valley
708Black Forrest Ham 9#Sunny Valley
712Canadian Bacon 5# RollCelebrity
713Serrano Ham 12# LegRedondo
710Applewood Smoked Bacon 15# 12-14 CutSunny Valley
718Applewood Smoked Bacon 15# 10-12 CutSunny Valley
750Oven Roasted Turkey Breast 8#Foster Farms
752Pan Roasted Smoked Turkey Breast 8#Foster Farms
755Roast Beef Eye Round 5#Evergood
757Pastrami Bottom Round Split 5#Evergood
759Corned Beef Bottom Round Split 5#Evergood
760Tuna Chunk Lite in Water 6/66.5 OZCelebrity
783Jumbo Hot Dogs 4 X 1 10# BoxEvergood
784Hot Links 4 X 1 10# BoxEvergood
Cooking & Specialty Oils
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
1602Peanut Oil 35# (Trans Fat Free)Heavenly Chef
1603Corn Oil 35# (Trans Fat Free)Chefs Pride
1604Soybean Oil 35# (Trans Fat Free)Chefs Pride
1606Liquid Shortening 35# (Trans Fat Free)Chefs Pride
1615Canola Salad Oil 35# (Trans Fat Free)Chefs Pride
1618Canola Liquid Shortening 35#Chefs Pride
1619Rice Bran Oil 35#Heavenly Chef
1625Pan & Griddle Fry Oil 35#Chefs Pride
1650Extra Virgin Olive Oil 4/3 LiterDi’ Stefano
1654Extra Virgin Olive Oil 3 LiterDi’ Stefano
166075/25 Canola/Extra Virgin Blend 35#Albergo
166475/25 Canola/Extra Virgin Blend 1 GallonAlbergo
1670Balsamic Vinegar 5 LiterDel Destino
Condiments & Garnishments
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
2910Deluxe All Yolk Mayonnaise 4X1 GallonVentura
2920Mustard 4/1 GallonMorehouse
2930Dijon Mustard 9# TinEifel Tower
1507Greek Olive Mix 10# BoxDivina
1520Pitted Kalamata Olives 10 Kilo TubAtalanta
1550Sundried Tomato Halves 5# BagDel Destino
1555Sundried Tomato Julienne 5# BagDel Destino
4070Arborio Rice 10/2# BagsDel Destino
Nonfat Frozen Soft-Serve Yogurt
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
370PFrench Vanilla 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
372PGolden Gate Chocolate 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
374PGreen Pistachio 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
376PEuro Blackberry 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
377PVanilla Creme 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
378PCoconut 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
379PChocolate Creme 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
388PStrawberry Yogurt 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
390PMarshmallow Yogurt 6×1/2 GallonAmbrosia
Ice Cream, Sherberts & Mixes
Item #OrganicPre-OrderProductsBrand
325PVanilla Ice Cream Mix 5% 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
326PChocolate Ice Cream Mix 5% 1/2 GallonClover Sonoma
300French Vanilla Ice Cream 3 GallonProducers
302Chocolate Ice Cream 3 GallonProducers
303Mint Chocolate Chip 3 GallonProducers
304Strawberry Ice Cream 3 GallonProducers
306Old World Spumoni 3 GallonProducers
312PRainbow Sherbert 3 GallonProducers
313PLemon Sherbert 3 GallonProducers
200PRaspberry Sherbert 3 GallonProducers
314Vanilla Bean 3 GallonProducers
344PIce Cream Mix 14% 2/2.5 Gallon BagClover Sonoma
320OVanilla Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 4/1 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
321OChoc. Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix 4/1 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
247OSEgg Nog Quart (Organic)Straus Creamery
322OVanilla Bean Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
323OMint Chip Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
324OCoffee Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
327OCaramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
328ODutch Chocolate Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery
329OBrown Sugar Banana Ice Cream 3 Gallon (Organic)Straus Creamery